MetLife Shield Level SelectorSM and
MetLife Shield Level SelectorSM 3‐Year

Strategies to Help Protect and Potentially Grow Your Retirement Assets

How can you be prepared
for the next market downturn?

It's no secret: equities offer excellent potential for retirement savings growth. Even in volatile times, investing — and staying invested — has the potential to make a big impact on your future retirement success.

Let's say you invested your money on December 31, 1996 in an index mutual fund that tracks the S&P 500® Index1 and you still held it on September 30, 2015 — your money would have more than doubled! And this was during a period of great market volatility.

Look how equity markets are performing today. Where do you think they will go from here? Up? Down? Naturally, no one knows. That's why you might want to consider strategies to help protect a portion of your retirement assets while still enjoying some of the potential growth opportunities equities provide.

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That’s what MetLife Shield Level Selector and MetLife Shield Level Selector 3-Year are all about:

They’re a combination of protection and participation: one part insurance against index loss and one part long-term investment as they seek growth by tracking the index or indices you choose.

  • 1 Shield Level Selector and Shield Level Selector 3-Year does not invest directly in any index.